Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Greater Manchester

Carpet Cleaning

Your Local Friendly team offers carpet cleaning services in Manchester.You Get A High Quality Cleaning Service With Honest Sensible Pricing. We believe our passion and pride in what we do and the core principles of professionalism, quality and value for money, are the keys to our success of this service.

We carry out residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Manchester and also end of tenancy carpet cleaning for landlords, letting agents and tenants that require a professional carpet cleaning service.

Our top tips
For isolated stains, it’s always best to get them up as soon as possible before they really dry into the carpet material. Remember, don’t be tempted to wipe any stains – blot them instead to prevent the stain from smudging or going deeper into the carpet. While it’s possible to spot clean using a detergent, it’s also worth trying these handy stain remover tricks, too, depending on the source of the stain

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning Price
Single Bedroom from £15
Double Bedroom from £30
Two Double Bedroom from £55
Livingroom from £35
Landingroom from £10
Stains from £20


Carpet Cleaning Full House

Carpet Cleaning Price
1 Bed Apartment or Studio from £50
2 Bed Apartment from £70
3 Bed Apartment from £90
1 Bed House from £70
2 Bed House from £110
3 Bed House from £140
4 Bed House from £170

*Not included any matres or upholstery.